The Sunday Review #8

by golbguru on February 18, 2007

Here are some interesting articles of the week.

Avoid A Bitter Family Feud: Estate Planning To The Rescue! by SVB @ The Digerati Life: You may have lived your life well, but without a thoughtful will or directions regarding the distribution of your property/wealth after your death, you might create uncomfortable situations for your near and dear ones. Read about what SVB has to say on how to avoid such situations.

Sell Comics For MoneyMaking Money on Comics by Dawn @ Frugal for Life: The basics of how to make money by selling comic books. There are simple and practical tips like: “Pawn shops are a bad place to sell, comic book shops are better as they know the value.
I am wondering how much money JD of Get Rich Slowly will make when he sells all his comics down the line. I am also wondering if there are many people who buy comics as an *investment*. The comic-fans I know are far removed from the money aspect of the comics they own…I don’t think they are ever going to sell any of them.

Why Aren’t We All Wealthy (Yet)? by Super Saver @ My Wealth Builder: If getting wealthy is as easy as “stop spending, start saving” why isn’t everyone becoming wealthier? Read about Super Saver’s take on this question. Something to think about here.

costco wholesaleCostco: Good Value for the Money, But Not Frugal by ISPF @ Grad Money [Matters]: ISPF’s thoughts on why Costo may not be really saving him a lot of money. Though he writes about Costco, it does apply to all wholesale warehouses. While it might be true that the cost per pound of foodstuff is low at warehouses, sometimes (almost every time) you are forced to buy more than you need (more than you can eat before the expiry date) and that sort of takes away the edge.

What the Heck are Some People Thinking? by JLP @ JLP makes a very important point with an example of a scammer who robbed someone of “his entire life’s savings“. Diversify people! For those who still don’t get it, here is the meaning of the word *diversify* according to

 -To give variety to; vary: diversify a menu.
 -To extend (business activities) into disparate fields.
 -To distribute (investments) among different companies or securities in order to limit losses in the event of a fall in a particular market or industry.

5 Reasons to Throw Away Your 401K by Lazy Man @ Lazy Man and Money: An interesting numerical take on whether 401K is the only answer to retirement savings. Before you conclude anything from this article, you must read all the comments. On similar lines, read about what Jim @ Blueprint for Financial Prosperity has to say about Roth IRAs in his post Why Roth IRAs Are Bad.

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1 The Digerati Life 02.18.07 at 9:37 am

Thanks for referencing my estate planning article! There are a lot of cautionary tales out there that should convince us all to take care of this especially after we have children. I feel bad for the baby of Anna Nicole Smith….

2 Msminiducky 02.18.07 at 3:26 pm

I’m glad you included the articles about reselling comics. Although I break out in hives at the mention of getting rid of my old favorites which I bought for my personal enjoyment over the past 15 years, I DO have a box of comics from a friend that I’m not interested in and would like to sell them.

3 ispf 02.19.07 at 8:07 am

Thanks for the mention Golb! I seem to have missed a lot of the articles you have mentioned in this edition, so thanks for taking the time to compile them! Its time to play catch-up.

Oh, and btw, ISPF is a “she” :)

4 golbguru 02.19.07 at 10:11 pm

SVB: I have no comments about Anna Nicole Smith :)

Msminiducky: I glad that helps. Do check out eBay for the same comics and get a feel for how much people are asking for some of them.

ISPF: You are welcome…and oops! Will be more discreet in future.

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