Wow ! Get A Free Xbox 360 ! …But Wait…What’s This Behind The Curtain?

by golbguru on October 18, 2006

“Get Xbox 360 for free” sounds ridiculous; well it is ridiculous. If you are not convinced, keep on reading :) I heard this ad on my car radio boasting about how you can get a free Xbox 360 with absolutely no payments of any kind. The advertisement mentioned a website, so I decided to check it out and see if I can really get it for “free” (well the Xbox 360 sells for $299 on Amazon, so this “free” thing sounded very attractive).

Free Xbox 360Here is what I found out after trying this stuff out using fake information:

The website mentioned in the advertisement “” turned out to be the mother of all “get Xbox free” advertisement websites. It doesn’t have any content of it’s own and simply links to other websites. That’s a first warning bell. But the fun part has not yet begun.

So how to get get the free Xbox?

Now let’s see what typically happens when you click on one of these “free Xbox” sites from the lists.

  • Typically, most sites will say something like this: “You are chosen for the following selected offers. Click YES for offers you like”. By default most offers will be already chosen for you so you need to click on NO to get rid of this crap. Be prepared to keep clicking because there will be about 50 offers on display here :).
  • After that you will reach another page which says “optional offers”. It gets worse here. There is one offer on each page and about 25 offers. Each time you click NO it will take you to the next offer.
  • Then you will be asked to choose 5 “lucky” friends so that they get their Xbox free. Those 5 friends will be surely very happy to get this offer !!:) Btw, sometimes you will be unlucky enough and will be asked to choose more than 5 “lucky” friends.
  • Next, you will be asked to “complete 1 offer from the list below”. Most offers are for credit cards and some are for some stupid subscriptions. (Interestingly, here are clicked on a Discover card offer and was instead taken to another “free” offer for a $100 Visa cash card! What the..?! If you are lucky, your ordeal should end here. However, some sites will take you to the next page of the offers where you will see “Complete 3 offers from the list below”. Congratulations - you got more credit card offers to complete.

If you get through all this and still love your free Xbox, you got to read the following fine print before you start rejoicing:


“..registration with a valid email address and password, shipping address and phone number, completion of one sponsor offer, and referring 8 friends who have to sign up and complete one sponsor offer.”


“Our sponsors cover the cost of the Xbox 360 including shipping and handling. To claim your Xbox simply complete 3 sponsor offers and refer 3 friends to do the same. Once you complete the gift requirements you will receive your Xbox 360.”

“..we may cease offering the Program and/or the Web Site at any time and for any reason, in Our sole discretion.”


“Accounts and credit are subject to changes for returns, cancellations, and other events. We can make these changes to accounts at Our sole discretion. If You disagree with the changes made, Your sole option is to cancel Your account.”


“For this promotion, XBox 360, you must complete a total of 10 offers as follows: Page 1 - complete any 2 offers; Page 2 - complete any 2 offers; Page 3 - complete any 6 offers to get your gift.”

And more stuff like this on other websites:

Please allow seven business days for responses to customer service inquiries.”"TESTIMONIALS. Additionally, you will be contacted by a customer service representative and must submit a photograph and provide feedback regarding your experience with

In my opinion, this is just too much PITA for a free Xbox. You could simply make use of a good 0% APR balance transfer offer to earn enough interest to buy an Xbox. But, apparently these guys have loads of testimonials posted on their websites. Assuming all testimonials are true, there are a ton of people for whom the Xbox is worth all the PITA.

Bottom line: “There Ain’t No Such Thing As A Free Lunch,” - Robert A Heinlein in “The Moon is a Harsh Mistress”

If you object to my calling this stuff “ridiculous” please feel free to leave a comment and argue otherwise.

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1 Anonymous 10.18.06 at 2:04 pm

I agree. some of those freesites are very tricky and will usually fill your mailbox with spam. The truth is, you usually will have to either: complete a couple offers by yourself, or do 1 offer and refer a certain # of friends to do the same. (the hard part). But I actually have received a free sony PSP and an ipod shuffle from these websites. one i highly reccomend is Giftmonkey. check it out here:

2 tony 10.18.06 at 2:28 pm

this stuff (and poster above) makes me crave for communism.

3 GolbGuru 10.18.06 at 8:42 pm

Anon: Good for you ! I don’t even have the heart to ask my friends to visit my blog…asking them to fill in credit card applications seems like a very long shot for me. :)
tony: lol :), surely the design is not that polarizing :)

4 Samantha 11.27.06 at 11:16 am

Do people even bother doing a touch of research before they sign up for this crap? It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that they Gratis (freepay) company began with Ipods - incurred no expenses in handing out these free Ipods because they were paid for the advertising and once they gained a legit reputation, they imposed a time limit (90 days) to complete the whole process, and then simply put every account on hold until the 90 day limit had passed, therefore never having to hand out a single XBOX 360 - har har. The company grossed a sick amount of cash and only empolys 12 people. Give me a break. They suckered everyone.

5 vickie 12.09.06 at 6:07 pm

how do you get the free xbox

6 Rollie 12.24.06 at 8:36 am

I don’t think it is worth the time to try to get a free xbox360. In a year or two the price will come down a bit. Though I would like to have one. But you should not have to go through a bounch of crap to get one for free, Not like this anyways.

7 RANDAL Vincent 12.31.06 at 8:43 am

this,is a bunch of BSH.

8 Steve 02.19.07 at 5:56 pm

I did this and got mine without any type of free trials and credit card offers. Totally worth it! Like you said, if YOU did the research you would see that it isnt that bad and for more people like me who don’t just have $400 lying around like me - it’s worth it in my opinion.

9 Parker 02.20.07 at 6:56 pm

Steve,where did you do yours? My friend has done it at this one site where you only need to complete one offer and then they send it to you immediately, but i can’t remember what it was called. But I’ll find out and tell y’all.

10 Trampas 02.22.07 at 6:58 pm

How do I get the fre xbox.

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